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  • Design of articles

    This paragraph refers to the elements of design and layout of articles that increase the convenience of perception of the materials of the article: Convenient layout, formatting. Prescribe subheadings that will describe and attract the user’s attention to the next block of text. Provide convenient margins between the blocks so that the text in different […]

  • How do I find out the cost of website development?

    The price of website development how much is the program worth?” – probably this is the most popular question of the customer at the beginning of the project. Calculating the cost of software development is not as simple a question as it may seem at the very beginning of working with programmers. A web project […]

  • Web development mistakes

    It is important to understand that any website should be user-friendly, optimized from the point of view of search engines, contain unique content and be adapted to your business processes. Only if these conditions are met, it will really bring profit to its owner and delight visitors. And any “designer” or “ready-made solution” is nothing […]

  • Сreative web development

    Case of an ambitious project using WebGL technology “Hello!” — with this simple and relaxed phrase, we welcome a visitor to the new More!milk website, and it is with this same phrase that we welcome you. We are Chipsa, we create websites and applications not like everyone else. More!milk is a soy milk producer, a […]

  • Website blocks

    Application forms. Place a simple and understandable form for users, through which they can submit a request for the provision of services or a callback to clarify details. Try to avoid unnecessary fields – the easier the filling process is, the more conversions you will get from the form. If you need more details to […]

  • Web development team

    The team consists of developers of various levels — junior, middle, senior. Novice programmers solve small and relatively simple tasks, experienced developers write complex parts of the code. Among the tasks of the team leader in the team are process management, key decision—making and quality control. The team leader, together with the project manager, communicates […]

  • Web development myths

    The Internet is full of advertising banners dedicated to web development of something like this: “Make a website with us – for free and with high quality”, “Create an online store yourself in half an hour”, “Get 500 new customers for the supply of the main gas pipeline today”. All such ads, of course, belong […]

  • Key trends in web development

    Now is the perfect time to remember the outgoing year and talk about web development trends that will be in focus in the future. We have identified 5 trends that are worth paying attention to in order to develop relevant, memorable and user-friendly web applications. Artificial intelligence and chatbots By now it is becoming clear […]