Website blocks

Application forms. Place a simple and understandable form for users, through which they can submit a request for the provision of services or a callback to clarify details. Try to avoid unnecessary fields – the easier the filling process is, the more conversions you will get from the form. If you need more details to receive the application, make additional fields optional.

Calculator. For areas in which the service consists of several stages, contains the cost of materials, formulas for calculating sizes, etc., a convenient solution for the site will be the implementation of calculators through which users will be able to find out the approximate cost of their order. If the calculator outputs the average value, be sure to indicate this in the results window so that there is no misunderstanding with the user who will later contact you for the service and receive a different cost calculation that completely does not coincide with the one calculated on the site.

Certificates. Place on the pages with the description of the service all the certificates and licenses you have, confirming the quality of the materials used in the work, as well as the competence of the employees providing the service.

10.5. Catalog filter Pages

These pages are narrowly sorted search results by certain characteristics. They are useful primarily because they can collect additional traffic for low-frequency queries and, based on the reduced demand for such semantics, it will be easier to bring these pages to high positions than for the main sections (especially if your site is still young and optimization work has just begun).

First of all, such pages must correspond to the characteristic that was specified by the visitor in the search bar or in the filtering block on your site.

What should be considered in this group of pages:

Meta tags. As on other pages of the site, they are of key importance in ranking these pages. Therefore, meta tags, firstly, must correspond to a specific characteristic and its meaning, and secondly, be unique on the site.

CNC. Often, filtering results, like sorting pages, form dynamic addresses with search results for a specific characteristic, and they, in turn, are closed from indexing. Therefore, in order for the filtering pages to be ranked correctly, it is necessary to use human-understandable urls in the formation of addresses.

The number of products. It will be useful for the user to immediately understand how extensive your assortment is for this filter property, so it is recommended to display the number of products on the page. If the user went to the filtering page not from the search, but through the use of filters on the site – show the number of possible product options immediately in the filtering block – next to the value of each characteristic.

Linking. As in all catalog nodes, it is also important on these pages. You can place links to all types of pages that, in your opinion, may be useful to the visitor when searching for the right product, for example, to pages with adjacent filter types of the same property, or, conversely, to other product properties, etc.

Let’s describe the main types of landing pages, and what should be taken into account on them to increase the chances of getting a conversion during the transition

Home page

This is the “face” of your site, and consequently of your company. It should reflect the advantages, strengths, describe what you do, what you sell and why a potential buyer should contact you.

Let’s list the key elements that are recommended to be placed on the main page:

The company name is an obvious element that should be present on the page. It is advisable to add the USP of your business to it.

The main menu of your catalog or service. Highlight the main points and specify links to them from the main page

Advantages of the company. Vividly, concisely and easily list all the advantages of the business that can persuade the buyer in favor of contacting your company

Forms of interaction. It is recommended to place forms for questions, or order a callback.

Banners. They may contain promotional offers or links to seasonal sections that will be updated regularly depending on current demand.

Popular services/products or novelties. The catalog is an important element of sales of any site, therefore, in a compact form, its placement should be provided even on the main page. This is usually implemented by displaying the most popular products or novelties in your catalog.

Catalog Listings

The main purpose of product listing is the most convenient presentation of the list of products of the selected category.

How to make the listing as effective as possible:

First of all, the meta tags of the pages should be worked out – thanks to them, firstly, the user is more likely to be able to find you in the search, and secondly, he will be able to get brief information about the product you are selling already from the issue (via snippets).

The text on the page. This item is optional. Its necessity is determined solely on the basis of competitor analysis, since excess content can lead to negative consequences (especially after the introduction of the new Baden-Baden filter by Yandex). If, after analyzing competitors and the niche as a whole, a decision is made about the need for a text, it is important to prepare it in compliance with all content requirements:

– first of all, the material should be written for users, not for PS. That is, it should be useful, informative.

– it is important to take keywords into account in the text, but do it in appropriate places and in correct grammatical forms.

– it is important to take into account all LSI words – that is, those phrases that are concomitant for this group of queries.

Assortment. It is important to analyze the output of competitors in order to understand how many products will allow the catalog to compete with other companies. There should not be fewer products on one page than competitors, and at the same time, do not overdo the quantity, as this may reduce the page loading speed;

Filtration of products. The presence of filters in the catalog allows users to simplify the search for products, as well as create additional pages for certain characteristics and attract more traffic.

Product previews are blocks with links to cards. It is important to work them out competently, taking into account competitors and the specifics of the business – to analyze what other companies display, to display colors if available, the product code or article number, if it is important in this area, product images, prices (required), rating, product status (in stock, on order);