Payment Methods on a website

is online payment possible on the website?

is it possible to pay to the courier upon delivery?

is it possible to pay at the Russian Post upon receipt of the parcel?

For b2b spheres, describe in detail how the payment process is carried out – according to the contract, after agreement with the operator, whether it is possible in cash or only bank transfers.

Landing page optimization

The landing page is one of the most important pages of the site, since the user is likely to get to it when searching for the right product or service in the PS, so it should be given special attention.

Product previews are blocks with links to cards. It is important to work them out competently, taking into account competitors and the specifics of the business – to analyze what other companies display, to display colors if available, the product code or article number, if it is important in this area, product images, prices (required), rating, product status (in stock, on order);

Useful services for the user – sorting the list by price, popularity, name; the ability to add a product to a comparison or to favorites;

Linking. Add links to related sections, related products, you can also display popular products of the category.

If you need to draw attention to certain products, it is useful to add noticeable labels – these can be “Promotions”, “Hits”, “Novelties”.

10.3. Product cards

The product card should describe the specific product in detail, contain related information about delivery and terms of purchase and buttons for ordering.

Below we describe the key aspects that need to be taken into account in the optimization of product cards.

Meta tags. As in the case of listings, well-optimized meta tags will help increase the chances of transitions from PS. It is recommended to include only useful information in the tags – price, whether there is delivery, brand. If there are hundreds/thousands of products on the site, the task of filling out meta tags is often solved by generating, which consists of a template that includes important words from key queries and unique elements that will differ for each page (for example, product name, price, color, etc.)

Product image. The quality should be high, it is desirable to give the user the opportunity to enlarge the image. The more product images, the better.

Product description. It includes the product name, characteristics, and article number.

“Bread crumbs.” They help the user to see the nesting of this product, as well as quickly return to the previous sections.

“Share on social networks” buttons. The element primarily shows the loyalty of the audience, which they show through posting information about the purchased product on their social media pages.networks.

Price. One of the key elements of the card and product information. If there is a discount on the product, highlight it, and also indicate what benefits the buyer has (as a percentage or in the amount of the discount).

Product ratings. The product rating, the number of ratings and reviews left will help the user to evaluate the quality of the product.

Delivery. Post the delivery information – preferably in the format of the date when the buyer will be able to receive the goods if he orders it today.

Possible product options. Place links to all product options – colors, sizes, other characteristics (for example, battery capacity options – for chargers, sizes – for clothes, etc.).

Linking. On the product page, you can additionally place various options for linking – related products, products that are often bought together with the viewed product, etc.

Payment information. Briefly describe the ways in which you can pay for the goods, you can also give a link to a page with full information about payment methods.

Information about guarantees and refunds. Specify the warranty period for the purchased product, methods and conditions of return.

Useful services – the ability to compare products, add to favorites.

Video reviews. Especially useful for electronics and other equipment.

Additional information about the products. Instructions, certificates.

The status of the product. Specify whether the product is in stock, or it is available under the order. If the product is not in stock at the moment, the user can be given the opportunity to leave his e–mail so that he promptly receives information when the product appears in stock.

10.4. Service

The service page, unlike the catalog page, should rely more on content and examples of work. Users will not be able to see the finished result on their request, so it will be important for them to carefully describe the entire process of providing the service, what are the advantages of this company, as well as to get acquainted with examples of work that the company has implemented for other clients.

Content. It is necessary to describe the entire process of performing the service briefly, informatively, without unnecessary water and unnecessary calls to action. Tell us how punctual, responsible you are, and treat each client – and users themselves will want to contact you.

Examples of works. A portfolio in the service sector is of great importance, since customers cannot see the result, as is the case with the purchase of a specific product. But you can show them how you carried out the order for other customers. If the company is not engaged in custom manufacturing of certain products (that is, there is no specific result that can be shown to potential buyers), but provides services (advisory, selection, etc.) – post photos of customers, reviews in the form of texts, thank-you letters, video feedback. This will help the buyer to increase their trust in you.

Frequently asked questions. If you understand at the stage of describing your services what questions potential customers often have, write them down on the page and give succinct answers to them