Development of Catalog filter Pages

Certificates. Place on the pages with the description of the service all the certificates and licenses you have, confirming the quality of the materials used in the work, as well as the competence of the employees providing the service.

These pages are narrowly sorted search results by certain characteristics. They are useful primarily because they can collect additional traffic for low-frequency queries and, based on the reduced demand for such semantics, it will be easier to bring these pages to high positions than for the main sections (especially if your site is still young and optimization work has just begun).

First of all, such pages must correspond to the characteristic that was specified by the visitor in the search bar or in the filtering block on your site.

What should be considered in this group of pages:

Meta tags. As on other pages of the site, they are of key importance in ranking these pages. Therefore, meta tags, firstly, must correspond to a specific characteristic and its meaning, and secondly, be unique on the site.

CNC. Often, filtering results, like sorting pages, form dynamic addresses with search results for a specific characteristic, and they, in turn, are closed from indexing. Therefore, in order for the filtering pages to be ranked correctly, it is necessary to use human-understandable urls in the formation of addresses.

The number of products. It will be useful for the user to immediately understand how extensive your assortment is for this filter property, so it is recommended to display the number of products on the page. If the user went to the filtering page not from the search, but through the use of filters on the site – show the number of possible product options immediately in the filtering block – next to the value of each characteristic.

Linking. As in all catalog nodes, it is also important on these pages. You can place links to all types of pages that, in your opinion, may be useful to the visitor when searching for the right product, for example, to pages with adjacent filter types of the same property, or, conversely, to other product properties, etc.

Informational content

Infomaterials for the commercial services website are useful in the following areas:

in addition to commercial requests (that is, requests whose purpose is to buy a product or order a service), there are groups of information requests in any niche, thanks to which users will be able to familiarize themselves with certain goods or services. Information queries cannot be ranked with commercial ones on the same pages (since the needs of users are different), so an information section is created on the site. It allows you to cover all the semantics of your company’s field of activity.

When selling or providing services, a company must have a clear understanding of this niche and understand it. By posting informational articles, you make it clear to the user that you are not just selling this product or service, but also have extensive knowledge in this area, which shows the level of your expertise.

In order for the information section of your website to benefit the company and allow it to attract a new audience, you should approach its creation with special care. Below we describe the key points:

Information semantics

To create useful content that is in demand, you need to correctly collect the relevant requests and assess their level of commerciality – that is, the semantics should be exclusively informational in nature. Collecting this semantics requires a certain amount of experience, so it is recommended to use the services of competent specialists in this matter.

Disclosure of the topic

In order for the article to answer all the questions that are implied in this topic, after collecting information semantics, immersion in the topic and evaluation of articles in the output is required. Next, it is necessary to draw up a detailed plan, including a description of the entire structure of the article, nuances on the disclosure of the topic, the need for graphic materials, tables, comparative analyses, etc.

Unique images

In any article, regardless of the subject, it is useful to place graphic materials. These can be images with a product, service, diagrams, diagrams, video materials. But all this should be unique, so you need to take this issue responsibly and prepare all the necessary information.

Credibility of articles

This parameter has become very important after the Google update, which occurred in 2018. He introduced such a concept as E-A-T (expertise, credibility, trust). Sites that provide services in areas that affect the health and well-being of potential customers should pay close attention to the content they post on their site. This should be confirmed by the following data:

certificates and licenses of the company. They make it clear that the company has the right to engage in this activity and has received all the necessary permits, as well as confirmed its competence in this matter.

the credibility of the content authors. Articles and other texts posted on the site should have an indication of who is the author of the article and what level of knowledge he has in this matter. This point also indicates that the material is expert and can be trusted.

These requirements apply to sites from such topics as medicine, finance, education. If your business belongs to them, you should take this into account when posting content on the site.