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  • Design of articles

    This paragraph refers to the elements of design and layout of articles that increase the convenience of perception of the materials of the article: Convenient layout, formatting. Prescribe subheadings that will describe and attract the user’s attention to the next block of text. Provide convenient margins between the blocks so that the text in different […]

  • SEO admin metrics

    Product cards Standard: “paired product names → created tags → growing”. The reception works well, but what does this process look like in Print Bar? Naming of cards plays an important role for the growth of traffic on the website of prints. They already have some name, but there is often a problem of duplicates. […]

  • SEO Efficacy Metrics

    What is taken into account when working with semantics: • number of anime/TV series views • the number of subscribers in the VKontakte group and so on Let’s explain about the latter. For example, some little-known musical group appears. There is no representative data in wordstat. But in parallel with this in the official VK […]

  • How to store phrases in SEO?

    It is difficult to store 3+ million phrases in constant processing, and with them “zero” and forbidden phrases. In view of the fact that we do not need classical clustering, and all data lies at the collection level, the storage issue is acute. For this amount of information, Printbar is working on creating its own […]

  • Selection of SEO tools

    There were many, many processes that worked without any basis – we need an SEO strategy. Already within the framework of the optimization plan, semantics were quickly collected and critical problems were worked out. Then they decided to move the catalog — they left the flat structure. We formed a backlog of tasks, where analytics […]

  • What has changed in SEO in 2023?

    – There is more organic traffic from Google. In March 2022, Google stopped selling ads through Google Ads in Russia, all ad blocks disappeared. Accordingly, users began to click more on search lines in the output. A special struggle unfolded for the so-called “zero answers” (extended snippets) in the output. – Yandex has not learned […]